REEL 2017


Daddy Issues (2017), feature film, supporting

Stay Awake (2016), narrative short, supporting

Lust Bust (2016), narrative short, lead

DIY Exorcist Look (2016), parody short, lead

The First Month (2016), narrative short, supporting

Le Fumeur (2016), narrative short, lead

Disney Moms (2016), music video, supporting

Motellywood (2016), , narrative short, supporting

The Bernie Brain Series (2016), episodic shorts, supporting

Infest (2016), narrative short, lead

Pretty Scary (2016), narrative short, lead

Mad Men Clip (2015), animated short, lead (VO)

The Postmodern Princess (2014), narrative short, lead

When I Get Older (2015) music video for Wild Party, supporting

Breakfast (2014), narrative short, lead

Hot (2014), narrative short, lead

Fingertips (2014), narrative short, lead

Pandamonium (2014), spec trailer, lead

Sparkler (2014), music video, supporting

Meet the Hufflepuffs (2013), episodic shorts, supporting